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The Mexivan is here!!

We have been heading out in the van to local businesses over the last few months building a round of regular customers to get big time brownie points with the staff, by having a different hot lunch to their workplace.

      You can book us, with not cost, apart from the lunch. Even better if you get the boss to pay for everyone!

What we offer on the van at present:
Hot Burritos
Smokey Chicken, Chilli Beef, Pulled Pork and Veggie
(A wrap, rice, Black Beans, Fresh Salsa, Guac Creme, Avo slices, add meat/veg filling) 

**Meal Deal**
Burrito, Bag of plain Nachos, can of Drink & Dip

Salads with a hot meat and guac, to be ordered in advanced

Crisps, Confectionary


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