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Sourcing and Process

Being a new local business, we pride ourselves in supporting the community, and sourcing our fresh ingredients from independent farm shops & butchers within a 15-mile radius of our home kitchen.  We also use a local spice shop from Faversham and all our branding & photography is another business within Iwade our local community.
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Along with local produce and community sprit we are trying to be kind to the environment as well, we are using fully recyclable packaging where at all possible.
The joy of Burrito is ensuring they are made with the freshest possible ingredients. So, using local producers and shopping fresh allows us to offer you this taste experience every time you enjoy one of ours!
Our salsa and Guacamole are made fresh every day.
All our main ingredients both meat and vegetarian are marinated for at least 24 hours in our secret Barrito marinade allowing the first step of your flavor town journey to sink in beautifully.

All of our branding and photography has been beautifully put together by us working with another local business, the super talented David and Jemma Rannard from click create photography & design.  Check them out at click:create or on Facebook and Instagram






Our spices come from an amazing independent supplier based in Faversham, Salt & Spice Global Flavourings.  Check them out at salt&spice or on Facebook or Instagram



All of our Meat comes form a local butchers in Brambeldown, Baldy Butchers.  Great produce and an amazing team working there.

Our fresh veg comes from Brambledown farm shop, which is also where Baldy Butchers are located.  Great value locally sourced fruit and veg.  Check them out at brambledown or on Facebook




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