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This guide explains the allergens that are specifically contained in our food recipes. However, please note that our dishes are prepared in a kitchen where allergens are present and some of the ingredients are made in factories where allergens are used and handled. As such, we cannot guarantee our dishes are 100% allergen-free.

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Meal Base 

Flour Tortilla Wraps – Gluten (Wheat)

Black Bean


Brown Rice


Guacamole Crème - Dairy

Avocado Slices


Pumpkin Seeds

Cheese - Dairy

Coleslaw - Mustard, Egg

Main Fillings

Low and Slow Pulled Pork - Soya, Mustard

Smokey Chicken - Soya, Mustard

Veggie Flavas - Soya, Mustard

Tofu and Veg Burrito - Soya, Mustard

Chili Beef - Soya, Mustard

Quorn Beef - Soya, Mustard

Kids Chicken

Loaded Nachos

Standard - Dairy, Gluten (Maize, Flour)

Side Dish



Nachos – Gluten Free (Maize)


Barritos Sour Crème – Dairy, Egg, Mustard

Barritos Sriracha – Egg, Mustard

Chipotle - Egg


Lime Sour Cream - Dairy

We can not take responsibility to check your dietary restictions. The responsibility is yours, and we will advise what allergens are in dishes, but ultimately it your choice as to whether you take that advice or not. Thank you.

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