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Mexican Graze Boxes

Yay!!  A Graze box with a difference....Mexican style.

We have been busy here at Barritos HQ getting creative and bringing Mexican flavours together into an 'anytime' box for you to enjoy. We feel this is too good to miss and it should be more attainable in your day to day life/week!! We have come us with  two  boxes to choose from:

Option one: NAME THE BOX A graze box to build your own soft Tacos


Option two: NAME THE BOX A Tortas Box!


Feast your eyes below on what is on each box as standard. 

One you have stopped dribbling, collect  yourself and may enquiries to order either through here on our events page, of via facebook messenger. We do require a minimum of 48 hours notice.



A Little history about Tortas

Today, tortas are almost as integral to Mexican street food as tacos. But unlike tacos, which the Aztecs made with tortillas ground from native maíz, tortas are a relatively new emergence, requiring the use of wheat bread.

The history of the torta begins with the arrival of wheat in Mexico. The first plantings of wheat are often attributed to Juan Garrido, an African conquistador who fought alongside Hernán Cortés in the siege of Tenochtitlan in 1521, then settled in Mexico City. Bread was a staple food for Spanish conquistadors. When Native Mexicans refused to give up their corn for Spanish wheat, the Spanish forced them to work on their wheat haciendas. By the early seventeenth century, there were 13 bakeries in Mexico City. It is possible that a precursor to the torta was developed around this time.

A huge thank you to David and Jemma Rannard from click:create Photography who have captured the essence of or creative side as ever, truly brilliant.

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