Barritos Burrito Challenge Wall of Fame

The Burrito and Rules as to how to get on our Wall of Fame

The Burrito

The Burrito is still packed full of all our usual amazing flavors just 3 TIMES THE SIZE. Coming in at roughly a whopping 1.6kg (may vary in size) ! You get 3 of our signature fillings (any combination you like) along with our usual mixture of Rice, Black Beans, Salsa, Guacamole Crème, Avocado and Coriander 

The Rules

  • Continual unbroken video (timelapse is fine) of your attempt 

  • To be completed in 1 continued sitting by one person

  • NO Help and NO Hiding of food

  • The whole Burrito must be finished

  • 20 Minute time limit to get on the wall of fame

  • If you feel sick stop....

  • If you do vomit, challenge failed...

  • Help promote the challenge on your social media tagging us

  • Photo needs to be submitted of your completed challenge to get on the wall

What you get

You get to go on our 'Man v Food' wall of fame leaderboard

A Certificate to say you beat the Burrito in 20 mins or under! 

Most of all you get to gloat to your friends and family that you beat Barritos Burrito Challenge


By Purchasing this item and reading the above rules you herby certify that you are happy to take part in the Barritos Triple XL food challenge. Good Luck

The Burrito........

If you're up for the change, go to our ordering page.

The Big One

Wall of Fame

Hall of Shame

Sub 20min Burrito Champions 

Slow Finishers

Max tried but was beaten.... 


Dave destroyed the triple XL in 8min 44secs (time below was total video time, burrito was started 15 seconds into the clip) 


Matt demolished the triple XL in 13min 47secs 


Dave can hold his head high for completing the Burrito, but it was over 20 mins 

Glen tried but was beaten.... 


Adam tried but was beaten.... 

Ashley made mincemeat the triple XL in 16mins 10secs 


Lee managed to devour the XXXL in 18mins 40secs 

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Neil tried but was beaten.... 


Craig tried but was beaten....